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Welcome to the Seventh AIMS International Conference on Management organized by AIMS International - The Association of Indian Management Scholars International and Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. The conference is also supported by the International Forum of Management Scholars. The mission of Association of Indian Management Scholars International is to unify Indian management scholars to foster excellence in education and research, to advance knowledge, and support practice in all business and related disciplines. It organizes professional conferences, publishes a journal, and has embarked upon many other professional activities.




IIM Bangalore

The Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) is one of the India's premier management institutes. IIMB is the only B-School in India to be ranked among Top 10 Asia-Pacific B-Schools according to the QS Global Business School Survey 2009. IIM Bangalore was also ranked the second best business school in India according to Business Today rankings of 2007-08 and the ET B-school Survey 2007. IIMB is located in India’s Information Technology capital, Bengaluru.


Bangalore is India's third most populous city and fifth most populous urban agglomeration. Though historical references to the city predate 900 CE, a modern history of continuous settlement exists only from 1537, when Kempe Gowda I built a mud-brick fort at the site and established it as a province of the Vijayanagara Empire.

   Today, as a large and growing metropolis, Bangalore is a home to some of the most well-recognized colleges and research institutions. Numerous public sector heavy industries, software companies, aerospace, telecommunications, and defence organisations are located in the city. Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India because of its preeminent position as the nation's leading IT employer and exporter. A demographically diverse city, Bangalore is a major economic hub and the fastest growing major metropolis in India.

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