AIMS International Chapters


Starting a Chapter

A chapter can be started by anyone who has been a regular member of AIMS International for at least immediate past two years. If the chapter application is approved, he/she will be the Chapter Director.


Intent Letter: The interested individual should first e-mail a letter of intent to start a chapter. The letter should declare an intention to start a chapter, define the geographical region that it wishes to serve, name of a local institute that would support the chapter, and motivation to start the chapter. A copy of current CV should also be attached.


The above material will be reviewed by the parent body and a response will be sent within one month. Those who are approved in the initial scrutiny will be requested to submit a formal application.


Application: A chapter application package should consist of:

  1.  A formal application form for chapter formation

  2. The application should be signed by at least 20 AIMS International members (if any of them are new members, the membership form along with membership dues should be included)

  3. A list of business schools along with details of their heads in the chapter region

  4. A support letter by a local academic institution. The letter should clearly indicate the type of support that will be provided. The least that is expected is free facilities for the chapter activities. An institution making significant and long-term commitment will increase chances of chapter approval.

A decision will be made within one month and communicated to the applicant. In order to expedite, the applicant is encourage to scan and e-mail the above.


Chapter Responsibilities

  1. A chapter is expected to conduct its business in the most professional manner. Its activities must be consistent with the mission and objectives of AIMS International.

  2. A chapter should conduct at least four activities in a calendar year.

  3. A chapter should keep proper record of chapter members and update them and inform the parent body with the changes.

  4. Any activity that requires collection of funds (fees, membership, subscription, etc.) must be done with prior written approval from AIMS International.

  5. An annual report should be submitted by January 31 of the previous year’s activities. The report should specify activities performed by the chapter. The report should also provide details of the financial operations during the calendar year.

  6. If in a calendar year a surplus is generated, it will transfer 50% of the surplus to the parent body. The remaining 50% can be retained by the chapter for its future activities.

The Chapter Director can recommend appointment of additional officers to the parent body, as needed to serve the chapter. However, the number of officers should be kept to an absolute minimum. The details of officers should be reported. If an appointed officer fails to perform his/her role, a report should be immediately made to parent body for suitable action.


Chapter Membership

In order to become a member of a chapter, an individual must be member of AIMS International. A member can express his/her desire to join a chapter. There is no additional fee to become a chapter member.


If a new membership application and fee are submitted through a chapter, the parent body will give 50% of the membership dues to the chapter at the end of the calendar year. If a membership is renewed though a chapter, the parent body will give 25%of the membership dues to the chapter at the end of calendar year. In case of life members, the chapter will receive one time 25% of the dues.


Chapter Suspension/Closure

A chapter can be suspended/closed or the Chapter Director may be removed/replaced under any of the following circumstances:

a)     Failing to perform in a professional manner

b)     Failing to perform the chapter responsibilities

c)     Misappropriation of funds

d)     Falling short of at least 20 chapter members

e)     Any other behavior/activities considered inappropriate

AIMS International also reserves the right to redefine the geographical region of chapters in future should such a need arise.


AIMS International Responsibility

AIMS International will provide all its support it can to make chapter vibrant and help its members achieve the highest level of professional growth and development. AIMS International will also provide necessary advice and guidance to chapters to achieve their specific goals. It will create a hyperlink of chapters on its web site so that chapters can post their activities. AIMS International will routinely inform its members the activities of chapters and publish the same in its quarterly publication, The Management Faculty.


AIMS international is not responsible for any of the activities and conduct of chapters, Chapter Director or any of the chapter officers or members. Any individual or organization dealing with any chapter officer must do so at their own risk. Any inappropriate actions and activities of chapters should be reported to the parent organization.


AIMS International reserves rights to make any changes in the policies without prior notice.