AIMS International Chapters


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AIMS International chapters unify members in specific geographic regions to establish a local network for profession growth and development. A geographical region could be a city (e.g. Indore), state (e.g. Kerala), region (e.g. North Gujarat) depending on the need. The chapter members meet regularly and organize activities for professional growth, development, educational opportunities, and public service.




The primary objective of AIMS International chapters is to provide a forum where the members can network for their professional growth and development. The chapter meetings should also provide opportunities for social interaction, mutual support, professional dialogue, public outreach and service, and professionalism of management education. The chapter activities should carry out the mission of the parent body - AIMS International.




The chapters are free to conduct professional activities that serve broad objectives as outlined above and be consistent with the mission of AIMS International. Some of the activities that chapters can pursue are:

  • Lectures, Seminars, Workshops

  • Training Programs for Academia and Industry

  • Quality Assurance Programs (e.g. AMCAT)

  • Student Enrichment Activities

  • Regional Conferences

  • Social get-together for networking

  • Newsletter